Tailored Barcode Software for NISC Cooperatives

Welcome to AMICS-NISC, a specialized version of the renowned AMICS Barcode designed specifically for the needs of NISC cooperatives. This advanced solution combines the flexibility of barcode scanning with the security and efficiency of AMICS technology, making it ideal for managing assets across a diverse range of cooperative operations.


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  • Online and Offline Functionality: Seamlessly captures and stores data offline, automatically syncing when an internet connection is available.
  • Universal Device Compatibility: Operates effectively with any professional barcode scanner and mobile devices, enhancing flexibility and accessibility.
  • Tailored for NISC Cooperatives: Customized to support the unique operational needs of NISC member cooperatives, streamlining inventory and asset management processes.
  • Barcode functionalities

  • Material Inventory Charge Out.
  • Material Adjustment
  • Phisical Inventory
  • Create Item Location/Capture
  • Update Item Aisle/Bin
  • Location Transfer
  • Salvage
  • Purchase Order Requisiton Create
  • Purchase Order Create
  • Purchase Order Receiveng
  • Purchase Order Return
  • Unlike other solutions, AMICS-NISC offers enhanced flexibility by being compatible not only with specialized scanning devices but also with any mobile device equipped with a camera. This feature allows for immediate adaptation in diverse settings, reducing the need for additional hardware investments and facilitating ease of use.

    Discover the power of tailored inventory management. Contact us today to schedule a personalized demonstration of AMICS-NISC and see how we can enhance your cooperative’s operational efficiency.

    Manages tools, equipment, and supplies needed for maintenance and operations of utility infrastructures.

    AMICS-NISC stands out by offering an integrated, flexible solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by cooperatives under the NISC umbrella. With robust support online and offline operations, it ensures that your cooperative can maintain high standards of accuracy and efficiency in asset and inventory management. 

    AMICS-NISC provides crucial offline functionality. This feature allows staff to continue their work without disruption, ensuring data is captured accurately and updated system-wide once connectivity is restored, thus enhancing operational efficiency and data reliability.



    Speed in Every Scan

    A: AMICS Bar Code seamlessly integrates with all AMICS solutions, enhancing the functionality of our inventory and asset management systems by ensuring consistent and accurate data across platforms.

    A: The offline feature allows users to continue entering and capturing data without an internet connection. Once connectivity is restored, AMICS-NISC automatically syncs the new data with the central system, ensuring no interruption in workflow and data integrity.

    A: Yes, AMICS-NISC is compatible with professional barcode scanners and any mobile device equipped with a camera, providing flexibility and convenience for users in various operational settings.

    A: No, AMICS Bar Code is designed for ease of use with minimal training required, allowing your team to become proficient quickly and efficiently.