Inventory Management Bar Code Software

Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Control Software is bar code ready . Use with any of our product and it is an optional product. All inventory transactions are supported. AMICS is a Zebra partner and can provide all hardware, software and support services to make it a complete solution. Contact usBar Code scanners make receiving, picking and counting items faster and more efficient. You can print bar code labels, bin labels, shipping labels etc. as needed. AMICS software is compatible with most bar code reading and printing peripherals.


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Real-Time Updates: Instantly synchronize data across the inventory system with simple barcode scans.
Versatility: Supports various operations such as receiving, picking, shipping, and more.
Ease of Use: Minimal training required; straightforward interface.

Why Choose AMICS Bar Code?

Speed and Accuracy: Drastically reduce errors and save time on every transaction.
Compatibility: Works with a wide range of barcode reading and printing peripherals.
Customization: Tailor the system with custom programming to meet specific business needs.

Using the AMICS Bar Code system offers numerous advantages for your inventory management. It streamlines operations by providing real-time updates, reducing errors in data entry, and enhancing the accuracy of inventory tracking. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy adoption and minimal training, while its flexibility supports various barcode peripherals, making it ideal for diverse operational needs. Overall, the system improves efficiency and saves time, contributing significantly to smoother, more reliable inventory processes.

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Speed in Every Scan

A: AMICS Bar Code seamlessly integrates with all AMICS solutions, enhancing the functionality of our inventory and asset management systems by ensuring consistent and accurate data across platforms.

A: Yes, it is fully capable of managing Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) and Government Furnished Property (GFP), making it a reliable choice for organizations needing precise asset control and compliance.

A: Our barcode system is highly customizable and supports a wide range of peripherals, making it adaptable to various business needs while offering easy integration with existing AMICS modules.

A: No, AMICS Bar Code is designed for ease of use with minimal training required, allowing your team to become proficient quickly and efficiently.