Know Your Company

Empowering Diversity

Led by a visionary female entrepreneur and supported entirely by a team of immigrants, AMICS embodies the spirit of diversity and inclusion. We leverage this unique perspective to foster engagement on minority issues, bringing varied cultural insights that enrich our solutions and resonate with a diverse client base.

We Take Care of Your Technology

Focused on creating innovative tools to support businesses succeed and taking forward users’ future dreams comes to achieve reality

Our Essence

More than just a software company

we are pioneers in advanced manufacturing and inventory control, driven by a mission to innovate and empower. Established in 1998 within NASA’s Startup Incubator, AMICS has evolved from its initial offering, AMICS 2000, to harnessing state-of-the-art cloud-based technologies that serve a global clientele with precision and reliability.

Our Commitment


Guided by core values of superior service, respect, integrity, and partnership, we are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes—from small local shops to large multinational corporations—manage their inventory more efficiently and effectively. Our tools are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, providing end-to-end solutions that improve both operational efficiency and decision-making.

Our Vision

To continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, creating tools that not only meet the current needs of businesses but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities. We aim to help every business realize its dreams, leveraging our technology to turn potential into success.


We invite you to join our journey towards a more efficient and inclusive future.